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Lynchburg/Moore County

August we are spotlighting Lynchburg/Moore County. Settlers first arrived in the Lynchburg area around 1801. Main Street was originally the main road. The origin of the city's name is unclear. An article in an 1876 issue of the Lynchburg Sentinel Suggests an early settler named the city after his native Lynchburg, Virginia. In the 1880's fifteen registered distilleries were operating in Moore County, with most productive being Tom Eaton's Distillery, and the second-most productive being the now-famous Jack Daniel's. On December 4, 1883, a fire destroyed nearly half of Lynchburg, including the courthouse and much of the courthouse square. A new courthouse (the present building) was completed in 1885. The passage of a state law barring the manufacture of liquor in 1909 effectively shut down the city's distilleries. Although prohibition was repealed at the federal level in 1933, it remained in effect in Tennessee. Lem Motlow (186-1947), a state senator and nephew of Jack Daniel, led efforts to repeal the state's prohibition laws. In 1937, the state repealed the law barring the manufacture of alcoholic beverages, and Motlow reopened the Jack Daniels' distillery. Lynchburg has several places to visit. Besides the Jack Daniels distillery tour you can check out the Lynchburg Winery, Old Jail Museum, Diamond Gusset Jean store, among other places on the square. The, there are several restaurants to check out including some wonderful BBQ eateries and Miss Mary Bobo's, make sure to call ahead and make a reservation. You can learn more on their website at