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There is a sewing group that meets on Mondays from 12-3, it's a time to socialize and learn or have help with an item you're having issues with on your own. Tuesdays and Thursdays at noon we have bingo. The last Thursday of the month, there will be bingo bucks shopping at 12:30. Wednesdays at noon there is a group of ladies that meet to play Scrabble.  We celebrate the month's birthdays on the last Wednesdays of the month at 11:30. Wednesdays, Gina Morford is continuing an art class, they meet from noon until 3.

There is also a group that requested a time for Dominos and card playing, which will take place on Fridays at 10am. Rook is scheduled for every day except Mondays at 1pm.

We have a group of ladies that meet on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month to quilt. They meet from 10am until 3pm

For anyone interested in playing pool, we have some folks that come by to play on Fridays at 11am. 

If you do not want to join in any of the preplanned activities you can just come by to enjoy the center, watch tv or movies, play games, check out the art room or surf the web in the computer room. 

 If there is anything you would like us to offer, please let us know - 762-9259. 

The fun extras this month:

Wednesday, August 3 - Watermelon Day - 11:30

Wednesday, August 10 - S'mores Day 11:30

Friday, August 12 - Elvis/Karaoke Party Noon

Thursday, August 18 - Bingo with CaptionCall - Noon

Friday, August 19 - Trivia with Erin Watkins - 11:30

Sunday, August 21 - National Senior Citizens Day - Come by the center the week of the 15th to pick up your paper that shows everyone in Lawrenceburg providing a discount to anyone 60 and up!