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Lawrence County Senior Citizen's Club Inc.

Mission Statement

The Lawrence County Senior Citizens Club is a vital social institution offering a broad range of services and activities and access to many community resources. The Senior Citizens Club is unique because it focuses on older adults as total persons, recognizing their diverse needs and life-long interests, experience, and skills.

The philosophy of the Senior Citizens Club is based on the premises that aging is a normal developmental process; that human beings need peer with whom they can interact and who are available as a source of encouragement and support; and that senior adults have the right to a voice in determining matters in which they have a vital interest.

In accordance with these premises, the Senior Citizens Club adheres to the following beliefs: older adults, like all people, are individuals with ambitions, capabilities, and creative capacities'; they are capable of continued growth and development; they have certain basic needs, including opportunities for relationships and for experiencing a sense of achievement; they need both access to sources of information and help for personal family problems, and the opportunity to learn from individuals coping with similar experiences; they have a right maximum opportunity for involvement in all aspects of a center's decision-making process. The staff at the Senior Citizens Club is obligated to create and atmosphere that acknowledges the value of human life; affirms the dignity and self-worth of the older adult; and maintains a climate of respect trust, and support.

The Senior Citizens Club provides opportunities for older adults to apply their wisdom, experience, and insight; to exercise their skills; and to develop their potential as individuals with the context of the whole community.

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