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Achieve More in 2024

Our theme for this year is "Achieve more in 2024." What goals do you have for this year? Most resolutions always seem to fall by the wayside within a month or two and sometimes even sooner and then there's the feeling of failure. Who wants that?! It's a time to set some goals that are achievable and something that you've always wanted to do or try. Is there a food that you've always wanted to taste? Is there somewhere you've always wanted to go? A new experience that you haven't tried yet? The best thing to do is to write your goals down and then figure out a way to make them come true. Also, another good way to start a new year is to look back at the things you did accomplish the year before. Were there goals that you had set that you did achieve? Can you remember 25 things that were done and can be checked off your list? It doesn't necessarily need to be anything more than trying to be a better person. Maybe you smiled at more strangers, maybe you were a better person and made those around you better? Just because we get older doesn't mean we can't always strive to be a better version of ourselves. We always need to be compassionate, loving, empathetic to others and to ourselves. Being older doesn't mean we get a pass to be disrespectful or mean. Maybe one of the things we can put on our list for the next year is to be kinder and to be more understanding with those that come into our lives. Let's achieve more in 2024 together!

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