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May is Mental Health Month


The month of May is Mental Health Wellness Month. We hope everyone accepts the 31-day challenge to care for their mental health. When you take care of your mental health everything else falls into place.

1. Do a deep breathing exercise

2. Catch up with a friend

3. Schedule something fun

4. Start a gratitude journal

5. Donate something not used

6. Do 30 minutes of yoga

7. Plan a healthy meal

8. Ask for help

9. Listen to your favorite music

10. Take 20 minutes to read

11. Go for a walk 

12. Budget 20 minutes of spa time

13. Practice a favorite hobby

14. Get distracted by a movie

15. Go to bed 30 minutes earlier

16. Drink just water today

17. Schedule a game night

18. Set a mini goal

19. Cross an item off a to-do list

20. compliment someone

21. Plan a night in with friends

22. Try a 5-minute meditation

23. Do something outside

24. Book a date night

25. Sya no to something

26. Have a phone free night

27. Watch silly videos

28. Write down something good that happened today

29. Participate at the "Senior Health & 
Fitness Day" at Rotary Park today

30. Adopt a positive new habit

31. Talk to yourself as you would a friend

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