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December is Spiritual Literacy Month

Spirituality and the Link to Health

Have you found yourself drawn to activities and books that focus on the spirit? You aren’t alone. Many people say they feel an increased need to tap into their spiritual side. Religion and spirituality are often cited as being more important in the second half of life. And these feelings aren’t limited to those who have a chronic or life-limiting illness. While half of all seniors regularly attend religious services, spirituality isn’t limited to organized religion. For many, it is an inward, self-reflective journey. An adult who develops an interest in spirituality might be searching for meaning and purpose in life.          

 Health Benefits of Spirituality According to Psychology Today, connecting with the spirit often comes with improved health. A few of the health benefits of a strong sense of spirit include:                                          1. Lower rates of stress and depression.                                                       

 2. Longer, more fulfilling lives                 

3. More faithful relationships                    

 4. Better coping abilities and greater resilience  

 5. Happier family lives                            

Nurturing the Spirit as You Age          

Nurturing your spirit can take many forms. A few to explore on your journey might be                                         Gardening, or bird-watching         

Reading daily Bible verses or nondenominational morning and evening devotionals                                     Joining a Bible study group or an online spiritual group                                 

Practicing meditation, yoga, Pilates, or other activities known to help calm the mind and boost the spirit   Taking art classes that allow you to create and express yourself in new ways. 

Writing your autobiography to revisit every stage of your life and important milestones                                 Learning more about your genealogy and events in your family’s history that may have shaped you           Volunteering for a charitable organization you feel a personal, emotional connection to                             Daily journaling to get in touch with thoughts and feelings your conscious mind might be suppressing                       The bottom line is that giving yourself time and permission to explore and    nurture your spirit is important for your mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

What are the ways you nurture your spirit?


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