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We are always in need of volunteers for the MyRide program to provide rides for the clients that need to go their medical appointments, beauty shops or grocery shopping or volunteer to deliver meals to those seniors that are unable to leave their homes.

There are more benefits than just feeling good by providing a service by volunteering.

1. Reduce depression

2. Provides purpose and identity

3. Improves self-esteem

4. Alleviates boredom and focuses the mind on doing good

5. Boosts Happiness

6. Reduces Stress

"Senior volunteers are not only improving the lives of others. They are also improving their own. These volunteers are feeling healthier and less depressed. What's also exciting is they say they feel less socially isolated, which we know has important health benefits. Along the way, they found a sense of accomplishment, opportunities for personal growth, and chances to form meaningful relationships." - Deborah Cox-Roush, AmeriCorps Seniors

If you would like to become a volunteer, call the center at 

(931) 762-9259, MyRide Lawrence (931) 244-7433 or to deliver meals (931) 762-1578.

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